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Season 8 Winner Pass for PUBG Mobile Lite


The PUBG Mobile Lite Beta Test was announced by Tencent Games in December 2018, which invites gaming enthusiasts to participate in the mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The beta test has officially started on 27 January 2019 and it will be held until 28 February 2019. The expected Winner Pass season 33 release date and rewards will be revealed soon after season 8 of PUBG Mobile Lite ends. Following below are some of the upcoming features that may come with the upcoming PUBG Mobile Lite Season 33 Winner Pass.

What exactly is the new season?

The new season will see a lot of changes to PUBG Mobile Lite. There are going to be several stages in every season. Each stage will have its own reward. Once you’ve completed a certain number of tasks and won enough games, you’ll earn a reward and advance to another stage of that season. These rewards are completely separate from your daily mission progress, so you can complete both at once! Completing more tasks per season will help players advance more quickly through that stage.

The perks you get by purchasing the pass

You get a permanent head start of 15 minutes. This means that you’ll be placed in earlier matches and thus gain more kills, experience points and equipment. The pass also gets you access to exclusive boxes which contain gear, weapons and cosmetics unavailable otherwise. You also get a training capsule that allows you to respawn after death even if you don’t have an item allowing you to do so!

When can you buy PUBG Mobile Lite?

The item has been released on January 4th. The winner pass will be available until February 28, 2019, and should be in use until June 29, 2019. Price is affordable and not too high with either diamonds or v-bucks. You can purchase it with 10K V-Bucks which equals $9.99 or you can choose to buy it with diamonds which are $0.19 per piece (the minimum purchase is 1000 pieces). More details below

What are PUBG Mobile Lite special rewards?

For now, there are still no Season 8 rewards to be given, with Tencent having yet to share any details. As soon as we hear more information, we’ll update you here.

PUBG Mobile Lite cost?

It is free to download and play. A small number of in-game items are available as microtransactions.

When will the new season start?

According to a Tencent Games support page, Season 8 of PUBG Mobile: Lite will kick off in late May. This gives players plenty of time to get acquainted with new maps and add-ons before Season 7 ends. We’ll update you when a more specific date becomes available.

And what about new items in the game?

Some gamers who have played on Season 7 are constantly searching and suggesting those cosmetics, which they want to see in their favourite game PUBG MOBILE LITE. Previously, some of them got it right and now we can play with different outfits like Male Tracksuit (Cubic), Red Cosmetics set 2, Blue Cosmetics set 1/4 and Orange Cosmetics set 1/4. Let’s find out what will be included in Season 8!

How do I use the items earned from the pass?

You can use items earned from your Season 33 pass at any time. Items may be used in-game, where applicable. If you’re using an item that’s also available via in-app purchase, your pass bonus will stack with it. The bonus items do not expire and can be used at any time during gameplay. There is no limit to how many times an eligible player can use a specific bonus item; however, all items are one-time use only.

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