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Fitnos Smart Band: smart band signals your phone when you’re lost


The Fitnos Smart Band is a brand new fitness device that promotes healthy living and active lifestyles. It comes packed with a heart rate monitor, pedometer and activity trackers that can give you information about your daily workouts, walking and running. This wristband has a larger screen and higher sensitivity than most other smartwatches on the market.

There is a sports wristband that’s bound to catch the eyes of even the most devoted sports enthusiasts. Fitnos Smart Band is one of those fitness gadgets that aim to help users meet their goals of staying fit and healthy.

Let’s face it. Having a fitness wristband track all your activity isn’t really that fascinating anymore. It’s ubiqui­­­­­ta­­­­neous, the pace of consumer technology has left us no choice but to expect more from these devices. So if you find yourself in this category then you may be just the type of person that finds the Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracker SmartBand so appealing.

Fitnos Smart Band

What Is Fitnos Smart Band?

Whether you are an ambitious sportsperson or a person looking for a companion during your morning walk, Fitnos Smart Band is the perfect wristband for you.

The Fitnos smart band is the first wristband on the market, which has full smartwatch functionality but has been designed to be worn as a normal wristband. Its new design makes it fit perfectly to the wrist without giving it some bulkiness, so you can put it on all day long.

This smart band is a fitness tracker using Bluetooth to track activities like running, walking, playing basketball etc. This device keeps on monitoring our activity and alerts us when it is time to be active or rest. It also makes us get up from the couch and get moving every 15 min to get counted as an activity.

Why Fitnos Smart Band?

All the newest tech trends are often accompanied by competing for the chaos of information. The new tech arrivals are super exciting, but an overwhelming amount of technical details can get in the way of making a good judgement. Fitnos Smart Band is a new technology product on the market that has huge potential for fitness tracking. It is so new, there may be some people who would like to learn more about it. A product review can help eliminate some of this confusion and answer questions that you might not even think of.

After all, we can’t deny the importance of getting fit and staying healthy as we age. There is just one problem: staying focused on health and fitness goals. It’s hard to keep track of the steps we take each day, much less measure heart rate and calories burned. Thankfully, Fitnos Smart Band solves this problem. Here’s how the band works, including some advantages over other wearables on the market today.


Fitnos Smart band is a silicone wearable wristband designed to help you meet your fitness goals. The tiny, lightweight device tracks your activities through motions, strength training, heart rate and sleep patterns. It pairs easily with your phone via Bluetooth technology so you can conveniently monitor your fitness levels at any time. Fitnos lets users track their calories burned, steps walked, distances travelled, sleeping patterns and heartbeats per minute.

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