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Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

The FTC’s Endorsement Guides and Rules:

The federal trade commission announced its law/rules in 2015, about disclosure compliance.

This is to ensure that readers can understand the blog/website they visited, sponsored, partnership or endorsed with third parties. It is important for readers to know everything related to them. Also, it’s important to know, the publisher is making money from its sharing links on products.

Regarding compliance with the FTC guidelines, The readers/viewers should assume the following related to links on posts in this blog.

Links that share on all are related to promotions and all are affiliate links. when individual purchases certain item/items we get a commission from third parties.

What Are The Affiliate Links?

All affiliate links we get from third parties and when someone comes to posts located and click the specific link & order something, we get a commission from these third parties, those are engaged with, Therefore, The readers ordered directly from the seller.

Goketogenics get paid from all third-party companies including Amazon a commission to bring more customers to their website/websites.

The product prices are the same that readers get from affiliate links. Readers can get the same product from official websites at the same price. to get the product from affiliate links or directly from the official website cannot affect on price.

There are various types of affiliate programs available at goketogenics.

Product Affiliate Disclosure:

When individuals go to the affiliate link and click there and buy any product, We get paid a decided percentage as a commission from a sale.

Keep in mind, to buy the product from affiliate links or directly from the website will not take effect on the price.

Disclosure Sponsored Content:

All content share on goketogenics is provided in authentic ways. We do not write sponsored posts and in the future, if we wrote any sponsored posts on goketogenics we will mention them on the same post/posts.

We only recommend products, however, we recommended personally use or recommend our family members.

Anything you will purchase from my blog, using affiliate links support my efforts to provide valuable information.

Thank you for visiting my blog and welcome to purchase anything you like.