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10 Keto Diet Side Effects



Well, there is a thing you also know that and that is there is a coin it has two sides one head or one tail. Right. So you also know that every good thing has a bad thing with it side by side. Also, things have benefits also have side effects. There is nothing that has only benefits and no side effects or only side effects and no benefits. Just like that the keto diet has some side effects along with benefits.

The side effects include keto flu, weakness, hunger attacks, sleeping issues, less physical activity, bowel problems, fatigue, diarrhea, ketoacidosis, regains weight, heart and diabetes disease, etc.

Side Effect of Keto Diet:

Keto flu: When you start your keto diet you get keto flu and that is because the body shifts its source from carbohydrates to fat. Due to ketosis, you get frequent urination that leads to dehydration. Also when the main source of energy shifts to another the mechanism of the body changes and increases the cravings. Its symptoms are dizziness, vomiting, nausea, etc.

KetoacidosisKetosis produces the ketone that gets stored in some part of the body and ketones are acid in nature so they make blood a little acidic. That is dangerous because it can damage the kidney, liver, etc.  

Regains weight: The user regains weight when he or she lefts the diet and weight is regained after a month.

Less physical activityThe user does less physical activity during the keto diet and that lessens their digestion. Also, they can do their housework or office work, etc in a proper way and enthusiastically. 

Fatigue:  In this, the user feels consistently weak and tired at the starting of the diet.

Diarrhea: The gall bladder is affected by ketones because it produces in the liver. It is also due to fewer intakes of fibres in the diet. high carb to high fats switching your intake of food can be the cause. Its symptoms are loose motions, etc.

Weakness: When a consumer starts the diet he or she becomes weak and lazy. They can’t do any work at the starting of the diet.

Sleeping issues: The person who uses this keto diet or has some sleeping issues. Like he or she can’t have proper sleep or they sleep for so many hours in the day and night.

Heart and diabetes disease: The diet increases the risk of heart and diabetes disease in the user. Diet develops the cholesterol level in the body due to the intake of high fats. Its symptoms are a pain in the chest, breathing problems, nausea, sweating, dizziness, etc. Also, it affects insulin production in the body that enhances the risk of getting diabetes. Frequent urination increased hunger and increased thirst, slow healing of sores, etc are the symptoms of diabetics.

Hunger attacks: At the starting of the diet the consumer starts having hunger attacks. Well, hunger is a condition in which a person is unable to eat to meet its nutritional basis properly for a sustained time period. The user of the diet has feelings that he or she has not eaten for a consistent time period because he or she has habits of eating high carb food and less fast food.

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